The Atty. Glenn Ian P. Barcebal Law Office is a full-service law firm that offers the following legal services:

  1. Litigation. We handle a variety of cases ranging from criminal, civil, labor, and other cases requiring the representation of a lawyer.
  2. Legal Consultation. We offer both on-site and online consultations, but please make sure to have a meeting scheduled to ensure that either Atty. Glenn or his Associate, Atty. Jyrevi, is available.
  3. Notarization. Both Atty. Glenn and Atty. Jyrevi are commissioned as Notaries Public, and are authorized to notarize a variety of documents. Walk-in notarizations are welcome.
  4. Documents drafting. Our office also offers drafting services, ranging from Affidavits, Contracts, Deeds, SPAs, and other similar legal documents.